Columella Volume 1 Number 2 (2014)

Columella Volume 1 Number 2 (2014) Full Pdf
DOI: 10.18380/

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Habent sua fata libelli – Books have their destiny
György FÜLEKY:
Accumulation and depletion of fertilizer originated nitrate-n and ammonium-n in deeper soil layers
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.7
Mark Piero GEBEL - Franco MAGURNO:
Assessment of the antifungal potential of the essential oil from Thymus vulgaris against Botrytis cinerea causative agent of postharvest grey mould on strawberry fruits
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.17
Ferenc GYULAI:
Archaeobotanical overview of rye (Secale cereale L.) in the Carpathian-basin I. from the beginning until the roman age
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.25
Ferenc GYULAI:
Archaeobotanical overview of rye (Secale cereale L.) in the Carpathian-basin II. from the migration period until the late medieval age
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.37
Annamária HOLES – Tamás SZEGI – Márta FUCHS – Miklós GULYÁS – László ALEKSZA:
Effects of different biochars, compost and lime treatments on the chemical properties of sandy soils
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.49
Storage proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and the ecological impacts affecting their quality and quantity, with a focus on nitrogen supply
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.57
The influence of cultivation method on the soil’s organic carbon content calculations
(Hungarian SOC reference values vs. IPCC defaults)
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.77
Péter PEPÓ – Lajos Gábor KARANCSI:
New results of nutrient utilization and response of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.87
Péter PEPÓ – Eszter MURÁNYI:
Plant density impact on grain yield of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids on chernozem soil of the Eastern Hungary
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.95
Péter PEPÓ – Adrienn NOVÁK:
The effect of genotype and cropyear on the yield and the phytopathological traits of sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.101
Ottó TOLDI – Kitti TÓTH-LENCSÉS – László KOVÁCS – Zsófia TÓTH – Ákos MENDEL – Adrienn KEREKES – Gábor GYULAI:
The frequency of genetic rearrangements during carrot (Daucus carota) somatic embryogenesis is dependent on 2,4-D levels and diminished in its absence
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2014.1.2.109