Columella Volume 2 Number 2 (2015)

ColumellaVolume 2 Number 2 (2015) Full Pdf
DOI: 10.18380/

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Katalin POSTA – Márton JOLÁNKAI:
Farzaneh GAROUSI – Szilvia VERES – Béla KOVÁCS:
Non-destructive and destructive measurements’ chlorophyll content in sunflower and maize plants uptaken different chemical forms of selenium
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.9
Csaba HORVÁTH – Katalin M. KASSAI – Ferenc H. NYÁRAI – Zsolt SZENTPÉTERY – Ákos TARNAWA:
Impact of nitrogen topdressing on the performance of wheat yield and grain protein
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.17
Katalin M. KASSAI – Ákos TARNAWA – Ferenc H. NYÁRAI – Barnabás PÓSA – Márton JOLÁNKAI:
The effect of crop species and N fertilization on soil organic matter
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.23
Izabella Mária BAKOS:
Comparison of the drawdown of subsidies from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the Romanian and Hungarian counties between 2007 and 2013
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.29
Zsófia TÓTH - Erzsébet KISS:
Regulation of the JUB1 stress-related transcription factor in Arabidopsis thaliana in response to biotrophic fungus Oidium neolycopersici
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.39
Au Trung VO – Franco MAGURNO – Katalin POSTA:
Evaluation of different Vietnamese soils as potential source of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculum in Capsicum frutescens
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.49
Ferenc SÁNDOR – László TOLNER – György FÜLEKY – Saidajan A. ABDIANI – Jose E. SANCHEZ:
Humic substances applications impact quality and yield of commercially-produced pomegranate saplings in Nangarhar, Afghanistan
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2015.2.2.59
Professor György Várallyay – 80 years jubilee