Columella Volume 4 Number 1 supplement (2017)

Columella Volume 4 Number 1 supplement (2017) Full Pdf
DOI: 10.18380/SZIE.COLUM.2017.4.1.suppl

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Ágnes KUN – Csaba BOZÁN – Károly BARTA – Mária B. ONCSIK:
The effects of wastewater irrigation on the yield of energy willow and soil sodicity
Rita SZABÓ – Géza SZEMERÉDY – Adrienn GRÚZ– Péter BUDAI – József LEHEL:
Model study to investigate the toxic interaction between glyphosate herbicide and lead acetate on chicken embryos
The effect of sowing date and plant density on yield elements of different winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. napus f. biennis L.) genotypes
Responses of maize (Zea mays L.) roots to soil condition in an extreme growing season
Gabor MILICS – Viliam NAGY – Tomas ORFANUS:
Measuring and mapping within-field soil moisture content for precision (site-specific) plant production
György PÁSZTOR – Rita SZABÓ – András TAKÁCS – Ágnes HENÉZI – Erzsébet NÁDASY:
The natural viral infections of the weedy Panicum miliaceum L.
Adrienn SZÉLES – Péter RAGÁN – János NAGY:
Abiotic stress impacts caused by weather and nutrient replenishment on the yield of maize (Zea mays L.)
Csaba BOZÁN – János KÖRÖSPARTI – Gábor ANDRÁSI – Norbert TÚRI – László PÁSZTOR:
Inland excess water hazard on the flat lands in Hungary
Hong Duc NGUYEN – Au Trung VO – Katalin POSTA:
Impacts of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plant growth and yield of three pepper genotypes
Szilvia VERES – Attila SIMKÓ – László KISS – László ZSOMBIK:
Wheat genotypes under reduced nitrogen supply: changes in chlorophyll fluorescence parameters
Nigar SAEED – Sabahattin CÖMERTPAY:
Activated charcoal improves growth of F. imperialis propagated by indirect organogenesi
Ágnes TÖRŐ – András TAMÁS – Tamás RÁTONYI – Endre HARSÁNYI:
Effects of soil tillage systems and fertilization on the CO2 emission of chernozem soil
Zoltán MAYER – Nguyen HONG DUC – Katalin POSTA:
Gene expression of glutathione-S-transferase in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under temperature stresses
The comparison of spring to early summer SPAD values of various winter cereals
Árpád SZÉKELY – Tímea SZALÓKI – János PAUK - Mihály JANCSÓ:
Effect of salinity on rice (Oryza sativa L.) in seedling stage
Mihály JANCSÓ – Árpád SZÉKELY – Tímea SZALÓKI – Csaba LANTOS – János PAUK:
Performance of rice varieties under aerobic conditions in Hungary
Judit Éva LELESZ – József CSAJBÓK:
The marigold’s (Calendula officinalis L.) drug yield and economic value changes over time and composition of the essential oil active agents under different fertilization settings
Brigitta TÓTH – Michael A. GRUSAK:
Aluminum-toxicity responses in Phaseolus vulgaris L. genotypes
Dávid KACZUR – Csaba BOJTOR – Gerda HANKOVSZKY – Szilvia VERES – Brigitta TÓTH:
Effect of aluminum and bacteria fertilizer treatment on the Vigna radiata root growth and photosynthetic activity on early growth stage
Adrienn GRÚZ – Dóra VARJAS-BODROG – Rita SZABÓ – József LEHEL – Péter BUDAI:
The effects of two pesticides on the mortality and reproduction of Folsomia candida
Kamel MOUSSAOUI – Karima BABA-AISSA – Islam ZEKKARI – Abdelhamid BOUCHERF – Zahr-Eddine DJAZOULI:
Herbicidal activity and inhibitory potency of two essential oils on weeds under natural condition
Karima BABA-AISSA – Kamel MOUSSAOUI – Asma BERDIA – Nesrine MECHERI – Zahr-Eddine DJAZOULI:
Biocidal effect of two formulated essential oils compared with a synthetic product on a green aphid Chaitophorus leucomelas K. of black poplar Populus nigra L.
Three different genotypes of maize hybrids yield response to sowing date and plant density changes
Judit Alexandra SZABÓ – Boglárka SZABÓ – Zoltán SZALAI – Marianna RINGER – Gergely JAKAB:
Runoff and infiltration – Case study of a Cambisol
Edit HOYK – András Donát KOVÁCS:
The role of climate strategies and green infrastructure in the adaptation to climate change
Jenő Zsolt FARKAS – Edit HOYK:
Climate consciousness and adaptation from the viewpoint of farmers
Nitrate dispersion-diffusion coefficients in agricultural soil profile of Žitný ostrov locality (Slovakia)
András TAMÁS – Ágnes TÖRŐ – Zoltán BALLA – Tamás RÁTONYI – Endre HARSÁNYI:
Effects of carbon dioxide concentration on chlorophyll fluorescence of peas „Pisum sativum L.”
Boglárka SZABÓ – Judit SZABÓ – Csaba CENTERI – Gergely JAKAB – Zoltán SZALAI:
Infiltration and runoff measurements on arable land with different slopes and rainfall intensities
Adnan ESER – Katalin M. KASSAI – Ákos TARNAWA – Ferenc NYÁRAI-HORVÁTH – Márton JOLÁNKAI:
Impact of crop year and nitrogen topdressing on the quantity and quality of wheat yield
György PÁSZTOR – Rita SZABÓ – Erzsébet NÁDASY:
Investigation of the phytotoxic effect of herbicide 2,4-D with hormonal function on winter wheat
Desimir KNEZEVIC – Anja ROSANDIC – Danijela KONDIC – Adriana RADOSAVAC – Dragana RAJKOVIC:
Effect of gluten formation on wheat quality
Milan MESIC – Aleksandra PERCIN – Igor BOGUNOVIC – Zeljka ZGORELEC – Lola GANDJAEVA:
Environmental and production aspects of maize cultivation in relation with the different time-applied nitrogen
Krisztina CZELLÉR – Lúcia SINKA – Géza TUBA – József ZSEMBELI:
Elaboration of the methodology of dew measurement by means of weighing lysimeters
József ZSEMBELI – Yuriko MORI – Géza TUBA – Krisztina CZELLÉR – Györgyi KOVÁCS:
Complex effect of secondary salinization and composting on soil respiration
Land cover changes in the Visegrád Group between 1990 and 2012
Elena KONDRLOVÁ – Jaroslav ANTAL:
The determination of the areas at risk of soil degradation by water erosion
Tomáš ORFÁNUS – Anežka ČELKOVÁ – Viliam NAGY:
Risk of soil salinization/sodification in the Danube Lowland after the realization of underground sealing walls between Komárno and Štúrovo, Slovakia
Mevlüt GUL – Nurgül SALUK:
Economic Structures of Tobacco Farms: The Case of Denizli Province in Turkey
Mevlüt GUL – Emine BIRER:
Socio-Economic Structure of Buckwheat Farms in Turkey
István BALLA – Gergő Péter KOVÁCS – Péter Pál MIKÓ – Csaba GYURICZA:
Nitrogen fertilization analysis on small plot winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) experiments
Impacts of nutrition and age on the angiological state
Appearance of the health – conscious consumer behavior in the V4 countries
Changes in capacity and utilization of general practitioner care in Northern Hungary since the EU accession
Ahlam HAMIM – Sevastianos ROUSSOS – Robin DUPONNOIS – Rachid MRABET – Mohamed HAFIDI:
Detection and quantification of enzyme activity of ericoid fungi under solid-state fermentation
Nandkishor MORE – Ashima SINGH – Rana Pratap SINGH:
Estimation of different fractions of organic carbon and it’s implication to carbon dynamics in agricultural soil
Jawdat BAKR – Hussein G. DAOOD – Lajos HELYES – Katalin POSTA:
Water deficit irrigation strategy and arbuscular mycorrhizae application in field crop production
Miodrag JELIC – Violeta MAKLENOVIC – Vlado KOVACEVIC – Desimir KNEZEVIC – Aleksandar PAUNOVIC:
Status of plant available phosphorus in Nisava area of the South and Eastern Serbia
Latifa BRAHIMI – Nawel MEKIOUS – Zahreddine DJAZOULI:
Integration of the traits of life history “fitness” of the black bupreste in his environment
Reviews & project communications
Lajos SZABÓ – Bulcsú REMENYIK:
Cultural and economic aspects of the Roman limes route in Hungary
Agronomic impacts on the performance of active ingredients of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) plant
Support of implementation process of EU directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks in Georgia
Adnan ESER:
Storage proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) and impact of mycotoxins affecting quality and quantity with focus on nitrogen supply
Zoltán BALLA – András TAMÁS – András VÁNTUS – Zoltán HAGYMÁSSY:
Determining the main physical characteristics of fertilisers
Hamid ČUSTOVIĆ – Melisa LJUŠA – Emira HUKIĆ:
Methodological approach in rehabilitating coal ash disposal sites from thermoelectric power plants and mitigation of environmental risks